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This catalog is prepared as a comprehensive statement of the requirements for attendance and graduation at Lipscomb University. Individual programs for students are then developed at the beginning of each semester. Certain three-year programs can qualify a student for the baccalaureate degree at Lipscomb University upon the satisfactory completion of the first year of professional school. Scholarship students receive full-tuition scholarships each year, an annual $900 book allowance, all uniforms and a monthly tax-free stipend beginning at $300 for freshmen and increasing to $500 for seniors. The details for a minor are to be arranged with the academic chair when the Major-Minor Form is completed and officially filed in the registrar’s office when 57 hours have been earned. This program prepares the student for a career in the health care field as a registered nurse upon successfully passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), in accordance with applicable state licensing requirements. Many students will be able to take one or more courses that specifically address the implications of Christian faith for their chosen field of study. Lipscomb University admits men and women who demonstrate the ability to succeed academically and who possess good moral character. 1 in CLEP Manual)-No credit. Normally, the student who desires to undertake an independent study will approach the directing professor and together they will prepare a proposal for the study. In no case should a student expect to challenge a lower-level course in a discipline for which he/she has previously earned advanced level credit. Any student attempting to register for more than 18 hours must contact the registrar’s office to receive an override in the computer before registration is possible. Here is a list of where our students have traveled over the last two years and where they are headed next! Arrange an interview, either in person or over the phone, with the admissions office. Students will learn about other SALT-enhanced experiences through the SALT Center, campus-wide communication, the student missions office, academic departments, the career development center, campus life and the federal work-study program. The UC Davis General Education (GE) requirement has two components: Topical Breadth (52 units) and Core Literacies (35 units).With the exception of units used to satisfy the English Composition literacy, units satisfying a Core Literacy component are also allowed to satisfy a Topical Breadth area. Admission is open to both men and women who meet mental, moral and physical qualifications. Independent studies are intended to be guided independent educational experiences which are initiated primarily by the student. Educational delays may be granted for graduates who desire to pursue advanced degrees prior to entry on active duty. In such cases, the registrar’s office should be consulted. Lipscomb University is a faith-based, liberal arts institution dedicated to challenging students academically, spiritually and as global community citizens. Candidates planning to teach in states other than Tennessee should contact the College of Education for requirements which may vary from those in Tennessee and at Lipscomb. After completing the above procedure, any appeal of a course grade must be filed in the provost’s office within 60 days following posting of the grade to the student’s record. Marketing, Internet and Social Media Concentration, B.B.A. Academic departments may maintain additional requirements and issue instructions to faculty and students to implement the requirements stated here. A student with a failing grade in a class can remove the effects of the “F” only by repeating the course and earning a higher grade on a course taken at Lipscomb. Some programs require other criteria to be met. who transfer to Lipscomb without the A.A. or A.S. degree but who have satisfied the TBR general education requirements. If that interaction is unsatisfactory, the student should take the complaint to the academic chair. Transfer work to be counted toward a major must be accepted by the registrar’s office and approved by the  academic chair or dean involved. For more information about this program, contact Johnathan Akin, associate director of admissions, at 615.966.6150 or, Requests for transcripts should be made through the registrar’s homepage via the Lipscomb website (. (615) 966-1000 It is recommended that students on academic probation register for 12 hours or less during the semester of probation. Neither advanced placement nor transfer credit may be used to raise the grade-point average. (615) 966-1000 A grade-point average of 2.0 must be maintained on all Lipscomb courses required for the major. In some cases, students choose to bypass the senior year of high school and enter college. Specific admission standards, program objectives, and evaluation procedures are also listed in the handbook. When students reach the maximum number of absences allowed in a course, they may be notified that the instructor has determined that they will receive a failing grade in that course, and they may be given an opportunity to appeal this decision. Utilizing faculty and selected staff as academic advisors, the university seeks to support and promote intellectual and personal growth for students in a Christian community. Although some students change career goals, leave school or transfer, 64 percent graduated from Lipscomb within six years of beginning university work for the 2007 cohort year. The Turning Point program is designed to assist freshmen who are attempting to recover from difficult academic situations. The major must be chosen and “declared” by filing the Major-Minor For m in the registrar’s office when 57 hours have been earned. Students who transfer 47-66 credit hours to Lipscomb must complete three Bible courses: BI 1073  or BI 1083  and BI 1093 ; and LUEG 3xn3 , or approved Bible credit courses as determined by program requirement (e.g., nursing and engineering). Presidential, Provost, and Bison Scholar Weekend vouchers may be applied in full to Lipscomb University’s Global Study Abroad Programs of 12 hours or more and are prorated for institutional programs of less than 12 hours. GENERAL EDUCATION/ FOUNDATIONAL SKILLS REQUIREMENTS (39-42 hours) Course Hrs Sem Grade Course Hrs Sem Grade Communication ... Lipscomb, Jill Cameron (Registrar) In lieu of one of the minors listed above, students may elect to create their own minor (based on the approval and under the direction of the academic chair of their major field). Transfer students who are admitted on a probationary status may be required to enter a contractual arrangement tailored to specific needs and circumstances and may be considered for admission in any semester. Transferred work to be counted toward a major or minor must be approved by the academic chair involved and the registrar. To qualify for the Provost’s List, a student must be classified as full time (twelve earned hours minimum) and achieve a 4.0 grade-point average for the semester. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange appointments to meet with the advisor. In the case of courses repeated at Lipscomb, only the highest grade will be used in determining the grade-point average. Students on academic probation should contact their academic chair (or associate provost for student academic support if the major is undeclared) for a meeting before classes start in order to complete a probation contract. The Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning & Innovation was established as a partnership between the Ayers Foundation and Lipscomb University’s College of Education. Acceptance into Lipscomb’s Global Programs is a very competitive process with high student demand. Chemistry-Applied, Green Chemistry Emphasis, B.A. For courses duplicated at Lipscomb and another college, the “transfer” grade may not be used to replace a lower grade made at Lipscomb. All other course credits (earned in a non-traditional manner) are subject to evaluation by the registrar and/or academic chair on a course-by-course basis. If you have questions regarding the ASC, please call 615.966.1400. The university reserves the right to change an instructor listed on a proposed schedule or to eliminate any course from the schedule due to inadequate enrollment. SALT. After that time, a drop/add form must be completed and accepted in the registrar’s office in order to be official. Have an official transcript or official letter of good standing sent to Lipscomb from the last institution attended. Acceptance to Lipscomb’s Global Programs is highly competitive. Students on probation who earn a term grade-point average of 2.0 or higher but fail to raise their cumulative grade-point average to 2.0 or higher may be considered for a one- semester extension of their probation. The student is also responsible for submitting the dual enrollment grant application by the state-mandated deadline (Sept. 15 for the fall semester, Feb. 1 for the spring semester, and May 1 for the summer term). Advanced standing examinations such as CBAPE, IB, EB, CLEP, and Straighterline may be used to establish maximum credit of 30-semester hours. Students applying during their senior year may submit credits completed through their junior year. Although the USAF will accept students from any accredited academic major, there is a critical need for engineers (all disciplines). P.O. All applicants whose academic records are from schools, colleges and universities located outside the United States must provide a course-by-course report from an approved evaluation service. The faculty reserves the right to assign an”F” if, in the opinion of the teacher, the student has put forth little, if any, effort. Only work taken at Lipscomb University is included in the computation. The TTPs also constitute an agreement between community colleges and four-year colleges/universities confirming that community college courses meet major preparation requirements. The minimum eligibility requirements are as follows: U.S. citizen, 30 years old or younger on Dec. 31 of the year you graduate (exception-prior enlisted), meet USAF weight standards, pass a physical fitness test, have a 2.5+ cumulative college GPA and pass the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (A USAF-unique academic aptitude test). Political Science, Pre - Law Concentration, B.A. Marketing, Corporate Marketing Concentration, B.B.A. Music, Contemporary (Songwriting or Production), B.M. Chemistry Teaching (General Science-Chemistry), B.S. Fax: 334.745.0425 For every 100 applicants, 60 are admitted. The SALT Scholar is a student who has become an expert in service-learning in the context of Lipscomb University, and whose investment in service-learning reflects a significant level of engagement. Graduating on the three-year fast track gives students a significant financial advantage and more time to pursue other academic interests or a career. The academic chair will coordinate procedures with the registrar to prevent unapproved special studies. Students taking a major and a minor from the same department must complete all requirements as listed in the catalog for the major and the minor. In service-learning, the academic credit is given for learning, not for the service completed. Any student who misses the equivalent of three weeks of any course may be dismissed from the course: further class attendance will be prohibited and a failing grade will be assigned.

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