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Has been surviving the winter here lately, but it gets a very slow start in the spring. Rigid Verbena (Verbena rigida): This South American verbena forms spreading patches of brilliant purple. Tall growing Purpletop vervain (Verbena bonariensis). Plants are tolerant of heat and drought, although best growth will occur with plenty of water and fertilizer. Verbena is an annual flower known for being a garden treasure in areas where few other plants will grow. Growing 6 to 12 inches tall, verbena has a scrambling, trailing habit. Should you commit to these plants-be advised. Snails and slugs are an occasional problem. Sie haben erwogen, das Gebiet mit Bodendecker zu bedecken, aber der Gedanke, das Gras zu entfernen, den Boden zu beackern und Dutzende kleine Zellen aus mehrjährigem Boden zu pflanzen, ist überwältigend. It is widely naturalized along roadsides throughout South Carolina. Oft, Was sind Teakbäume? Ideal for hanging baskets and containers. Plant number: 1.538.150 Tumbling and spreading in habit, this gorgeous Verbena produces clusters of rich purple flowers throughout the entire summer. Many of the cultivars are hybrids with other species. Tapien Series includes a range of colors, including lavender, salmon, soft pink, pink, blue-violet, powder blue, and pure white. ‘Homestead Purple’ Verbena (Glandularia canadensis), known for its long bloom season. Bacopa (Sutera cordata)- This lovely little annual comes in a variety of colors, such as purple, pink, blue, and white, and in recent years, it’s medicinal properties have become a pretty hot topic.As a trailing plant though, it has long been a favorite of gardeners. Varieties. Native to South America. Trailing verbenas are groundcovers are commonly used where they will cascade over a wall or the edge of a pot. Purpurtop-Eisenkraut ( Verbena bonariensis ) ist in den Zonen 7-11 winterhart. It is a vigorous plant with large dark purple flower clusters. Powdery mildew appears as a white powder fungus on the surfaces of leaves. They are worse during wet spells or if plants are heavily mulched. Im Gegensatz zu kommerziellen chemischen Düngemitteln wird organischer Dünger für Gärten typischerweise aus einzelnen Zutaten hergestellt und kann auf die besonderen Ernährungsbedürfnisse Ihres Gartens abgestimmt werden. Da Stauden eine kurzlebige Pflanze sein können, werden viele Stauden als Einjährige angebaut. Verbenas require a location that receives full sun throughout the day. Performs equally well in cool or hot summer regions. If this document didn’t answer your questions, please contact HGIC at or 1-888-656-9988. They are usually hardy in the lower parts of South Carolina, but are usually treated as annuals and replanted every spring. Poor air circulation from over crowded conditions can also lead to disease problems. Verbenas generally grow moderately to quickly, and unlike many perennials, bloom well the first season after planting. Beliebte Sorten sind: Blaues Eisenkraut ( Verbena hastata ) ist in den Zonen 3-8 winterhart und stammt aus den USA. It can also be planted as a summer annual in USDA plant hardiness zones 1 to 8. A light application of a complete fertilizer such as 16-4-8 in mid- to late spring and again after trimming back will revitalize plants, but additional fertilization is not generally required. Flower color ranges from white through pink, red, lavender, blue and purple. while perennial varieties can be low and trailing or tall and upright. ‘Taylortown Red’ is a vigorous, heavy blooming red flowered cultivar. Container grown plants should be watered more frequently, and not allowed to dry out. There seems to be a widespread belief, especially in the US, that plants are either annuals or perennials depending on where you grow them. Trailing. Discovered growing on an old Georgia homestead. Trailing Verbena – Formerly called Verbena canadensis, but now known as Glandularia canadensis, these creeping verbena plants make up a broad group that serves very well as groundcover. Die meisten der sehr auffällig blühenden Verbena-Pflanzen sind nur in wärmeren Klimazonen winterhart, so dass viele Nordgärtner diese nur als Einjährige züchten können. Under garden conditions it appears neater than in the wild. Ideal for hanging baskets and containers. Erfahren Sie, was organische Dünger sind und wie Sie sie verwenden können, um Ihren Garten zu verbessern. Popular in the ancient world for its healing properties and, today, as an essential oil, verbena has long been associated with divinity and the supernatural. Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata): This tall native species resembles V. bonariensis, but is much more tolerant of cold and moist soil, and the flowers are more blue-violet in color. Some popular cultivars are “Summer Blaze,” “Snowflurry,” “Greystone Daphne,” and “Appleblossom.” The low-growing form and fine texture creates a sea of spring color, ideal planted as a perennial border or flanking a garden path. Es ist beides tatsächlich. Dies kann dazu führen, dass viele Gärtner sich fragen, ob Eisenkraut einjährig oder mehrjährig ist? Verbenas vary considerably in size. Welchen Typ Sie auswählen, hängt von Ihrer Site und Ihren Präferenzen ab. As other annual or perennial flowers come and go, verbenas keep on blooming. Alle Eisenkraut muss in voller Sonne bis hell Schatten in gut durchlässigen Boden wachsen. Avoid pruning … Moss Verbena (Glandularia pulchella; formerly Verbena tenuisecta): Native to South America, but naturalized throughout the southern United States, moss verbena is so well adapted as to be commonly believed to be native. There are many verbena varieties, but the perennials will give you the most bang. Generally, the annual verbena varieties grow 6-18 inches (15-45 cm.) Also, wie lange dauert Eisenkraut? Botrytis blight often occurs under overly moist conditions. Fertilize container grown plants either with a controlled-release fertilizer, or with a liquid fertilizer once a month. Narrow leaves often tinged in bronze are found on this plant. Karen Russ, Former HGIC Horticulture Specialist, Clemson University, Joey Williamson, PhD, HGIC Horticulture Extension Agent, Clemson University. It most often infects verbena that does not receive enough sunlight, or is under stress from severe drought or other causes. It is an evergreen perennial creeper of the mint family and likes moist, shady areas. 2. HOW TO PLANT VERBENA Soil Type: Clay, Loam, Sand, Silt. Verbena 'Homestead Purple' verbena . Perennial in Zones CS, TS; USDA 9-11, but usually treated as an annual everywhere. Sie können auch ein wenig in Größe und Gewohnheit reichen. ‘Imagination’ is a well known purple variety that is very similar to the wild species.

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