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Fertile, well drained soil. German chamomile is an annual that can grow up to three feet high. The German Chamomile, Matricaria recutita, is a native of Europe, and was brought by early settlers to North America. It is so much more than just a fragrant tea. When starting to grow sweet chamomile seedlings indoors then start about 7 weeks in advance. You can grow chamomile in USDA plant hardiness zones 3-9. Growing your chamomile seeds indoors prior to popping them into the ground is the most effective, trusted method for growth. Chamomile tea plants will grow in partial shade or full sun. Position. This article will focus on this variety only. They flower best in full sun but if the temperature is very hot, partial shade will be better. It should take the seeds about one to three weeks to germinate at 18 to 24 degrees Celsius. You can apply the same information for growing Chamomile in pots, indoors or backyards. When growing chamomile for tea, use German Chamomile which produces an abundance of apple scented, daisy-like flowers. It is a little flowering herb which is useful for many aliments and it is very easy to grow German chamomile.Wild variety of chamomile does not require too much of care and attention. Once ready, transplant into the garden at about 20 cm (small Matricaria varieties) to 40 cm (large Matricaria species). It is also abundant in the US, and it can be spotted in sunny well-drained regions, pastures, and roadsides. 1. Chamomile. In general, chamomile requires an inch of water every week throughout the growing season. German chamomile is the best type to grow and harvest for tea. Sow seeds by scattering a small pinch of the tiny seeds on the soil surface, mist with water, and tamp lightly. Begin six or eight weeks before your anticipated springtime outdoor planting date. The best session to seed chamomile is in the spring. Everyone has heard of Chamomile. While either chamomile can also be grown indoors, German chamomile is favored to provide flowers for tea and other culinary uses year-round. Miscellaneous Soil. Hardiness: Chamomile is cold hardy to -20°F; it can be short-lived in hot summer regions. Chamomile that's growing in large swathes as a border plant can be watered with a sprinkler for 15 to 20 minutes in the morning or evening. Start German chamomile from seed indoors about 6 weeks before your last expected frost date. Two types of chamomile are commonly planted in herb gardens: German chamomile (Matricaria recutita), a robust annual that grows to about 2 feet tall and Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile), a petite perennial. Many farmers sow directly the seeds in the field during early autumn, while others sow the seeds in indoor seedbeds during autumn and … Chamomile has many amazing antioxidant properties that have been shown to lower the risk of diseases like heart disease and cancer. Now let us get into how to grow Chamomile … Why bother? German chamomile will also grow in light shade or partially shaded areas. How to plant chamomile seedlings in pots: A nice thing about chamomile seedlings is they can be grown in pots. Chamomile also grows from cuttings. Type of plant: Roman chamomile is a perennial; German chamomile is an annual. If you’re a big fan of tea, you might like to know that you can grow your own chamomile, indoors with hydroponics. The larger the area, the more flowers you get, and the whole purpose (really) of growing chamomile is to get large numbers of flowers. Feeding. How to Grow German Chamomile From Seeds. Chamomile is a ground-cover, intended to cover large areas like a lawn. A step by step guide for Growing Chamomile. It is often recommended as a companion plant to grow in vegetable garden as its strong aroma keeps pests away. Roman chamomile is a perennial that only grows to about 12 inches, but makes a great ground cover or edge plant.

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