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You can get a great gaming keyboard for less than $100. Unfortunately there is not tactile switch option, so it may be a dealbreaker for some of you. This can be nice when using a laptop with quiet speakers or just wanting to show your friends something cool and a little weird too. Making it easy to pull out and change out the switches to a new switch. It’s effective up to 10 meters, hop on the couch or bed and use it with your laptop/PC. Hey there! The keycaps on this keyboard are made of ABS plastic and double-shot injection methods. Best Cheap MIDI Keyboard Samson Graphite M25 Mini USB MIDI Keyboard. Tenkeyless (missing the numpad) keyboards aren't my personal go-to keyboard, but they work great for most people. When gaming, you’ll probably want to go wired and avoid noticeable lag. Power at your fingertips without moving your body. There's a huge variety of different colors available, so make sure you check them all out! This keyboard comes with a braided USB-C cable right out of the box. Due to their small, compact, and symmetrical shape, they are the most common size for custom keyboard builds. CHECK PRICE. edited 3 years ago. It uses brown mechanical switches from Content - a company similar to Outemu and Kailh. Why don’t you have like 50 keyboards on this list like every single other tech site does now? The GK61 keyboard comes in black and white colorways, so you can pick the what sort of aesthetic you want to go with. Unlike another keyboards on this list, this one doesn’t have dedicated arrow keys. This stands out from all the other keyboards on this list and extends the lifespan of the cord longer. But, there are 3 alternative K552 options available to choose from - the lighting profile is the only difference. This difference will be noticeable, but you are getting essentially the same functions for a much lower price. The mouse that comes with the MS120 set is seemingly more suited for someone who likes a claw grip opposed to palm grip. 60 percent keyboard. Will definitely visit here again. And possible dust could get under the keycaps more easily, just as easily as it is to clean. You want the quality, yet you don’t have the money or don’t want to shell out to purchase these keyboards. The Redragon K552 comprises advanced cherry Mx red equivalent linear switches that seamlessly accommodate your robust gameplays.. Made from high-end aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS material, the keyboard comes laden with heavy-duty double-shot injection molded keycaps and plate mounted keys. Both are membrane keyboards made to feel mechanical, but the K55 is relatively quiet to use and it sounds like the M120 keyboard is pretty loud. First up on the list is the Geek GK61. Find the best cheap mechanical keyboard for gaming, business or your office for under $50, based on price, durability, comfort level, backlighting and more. Last 30 days; Last 90 days; Coming Soon; Condition. Although the EagleTec KG010 doesn't offer some of the features that my number 1 pick does, it's an amazing entry-level mechanical keyboard for under $50 regardless. There are some awesome keyboards under $50 on this list that will work great for gaming, typing, or working. The most popular 60% keyboards now are the Anne Pro 2, Glorious GMMK, Ducky One 2 Mini, and the Vortex Pok3r. There's a huge variety of different colors available, so make sure you check them all out! HyperX are known for crafting kick-ass gaming paraphernalia, and their budget Alloy Core RGB stands true to this “standard” of sorts, making for a silent and comfy, not to mention spill-resistant gaming keyboard. Dang, that’s a decent price for a decent setup. Would love your thoughts, please comment. document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(tag); If you’re trying to do that while spending less than $50, you’ve found the right page! They are accessibly on another layer though, if you need it, which is pretty standard on a 60% layouts. The GK63 is one of their budget keyboards that we found performed really well. The case is made of a combination with glossy and textured plastic. Hey, just a heads up. Know more about our affliate disclosure terms. Redragon K552 – Best 60% Keyboard Under $40. Also make sure to browse our buying recommendations below for tips on how to find the best gaming keyboard under $50. There are two switch options: blue switches (clicky) or red switches (linear). I think I'm in the small percentage of people who still use the numpad, so it's hard for me to go without one. Qisan Magicforce - For pro gaming. It’s able to connect to multiple devices, up to 3. My runner-up would be the Dierya DK63 because it has a 60% layout but offers dedicated arrow keys. Thank you! Ever since Fortnite swept the gaming world, 60% keyboards became incredibily popular. The mouse is not what you would expect from a ~$30 combo deal either, it really goes above and beyond what you're probably thinking you'll get with a combo this inexpensive. Should you need to type for long hours, it may absorb 50 million keystrokes. It has a heavy, solid feel that gives you a sense of stability. MOTOSPEED’s CK92 is yet another 60% mechanical keyboard. It offers excellent performance and a great feel that will take your gaming experience to a higher level. Or, maybe your keyboard just doesn’t feel right for another reason. Contrary to popular belief, keyboards come in various shapes and sizes; some less practical than others. The cable is 1.5 meter and is a basic cable. The best 60% mechanical keyboards under $50 are the RK61 60% RGB, Geek GK61, Motospeed CK62, and the DIERYA 60%. More details on Gateron switches. The Best Budget 60% RGB Keyboard – RK61 Review, Top 3 60% keyboards under $50! The keys are very nice for being membrane and offer a great tactile feedback which feels similar to some mechanical keys. But today you have excellently built keyboards, even among gaming keyboards under $50. A 60% keyboard under $50 does have a few shortcomings you should be aware of. They're not super high-quality like Cherry MX, but they work well enough. The brand of these switches is Outemu. Best Gaming Keyboard Under $50. Usually keyboards under $50 are constructed entirely out of plastic, which leads to a more flexible case and is easier to break. The keyboard has RGB features so if your theme is white and purple, this is possible with a white keyboard and purple RGB lighting. On the downside, it’s harder to carry this keyboard places without a dedicated safe space since the keycaps are so exposed. There are even cheap combo sets available that are awesome for entry-level setups! Gateron switches are known to be smoother than Cherry MX switches and the tactile bumps are more tactile. This keyboard offers Gateron optical switches available in black, blue, brown, or red.

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