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BDO AFK Training Manual How-To Just right click the Training Manual that you bought from Jamey Drucker. PINK SPOTS ARE WHAT I RECOMMEND FOR FAST TRACK FOR NEW PLAYERS (ALSO FOLLOW GREEN SPOTS)! Black Stones, Rosar weapons, Scroll Written in Ancient Language drop here. The Tungrad belt can drop here which is the best belt in the game, as well as Forest Fury, which is used to craft the new crystal sockets. Whilst grinding here you should also take gathering tools with you and harvest the mushrooms for extra silver and sharp/hard shards. Black Spirit’s Training does not share. This leveling area is located North of Kusha, which is in far NE Mediah Territory. Leveling Guide 60 – 61 (Questing – Fastest) New. The only known ways to train training is by lvling horses/donkey and capturing horses/turning them in the stable. Helpful XP Calculator: ClippyTheBlackSpirit XP Calculator Spreadsheet, 2x  Powder of Flame 5x  Pine Sap 7x  Dry Mane Grass. Like the other Life Skills, the Training has 7 levels. There is no level cap in Black Desert Online. Each quest will take 10 energy to guess at an answer to a question. All Rights Reserved. This hunting spot is located SE of Calpheon City in Calpheon Territory. Black Desert Online is a sandbox, living-world MMORPG. Are Marni Stones Worth It? The mobs here drop really good items and you can even get Blackstones. Other Lifeskills. I found the most density of Tree Spirits where on the hills. The Combat EXP amount of this daily XP buff is determined by your Combat Fame. Good thing he is slow! This leveling guide will help you, hopefully, save some time and get busy leveling. For more BDO, check this out: A BDO Fashion Guide to Discover Possibilities. The table with the note is behind you, when you talk to the Storage Keeper. Try to find a group to go here, as it’s challenging, unless you have good gear. There are many xp boosts in BDO that can be stacked on each other. The mobs here drop “Ancient Relics” which can be sold on the Market Place for about 1,500,000 silver each. The grind spot has a good density of mobs but this spot is a bit more difficult and you won’t be able to relax without higher DP. Fat Catfishman will spawn here and sometimes drop Goblin Chief Summon Scroll or Black Stone (Weapon). Look for NPC’s with quest icons that have a thin solid gold border. Right click the stone and select ‘Item Count’ to have the kill count displayed on your UI. Horses in BDO are separated into 9 Tiers. If you are completely new though then I’d recommend trying the castle first if these are too hard for you. The following items will no longer be available through monsters you defeat at Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon: The chance to obtain Junk items from defeating monsters at Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon has been greatly reduced. XP Buffs cost 50 energy each. This spot is usually more popular because of it’s rare drops. However, classes with a lack of ranged skills will not be able to take full advantage of this place because they can only easily pull half of the amount. Players now have a much easier time leveling outside of killing mobs. The mobs here drop “Ancient Relics” which can be sold on the Market Place for about 1,500,000 silver. This grind spot is currently considered the best in game for EXP and money once you are above 61, with an average trash per hour of 2000, which is approximately 35 million silver. It’s also important to note that if there is a 10 level difference between the highest level character and the lowest, then all party members will not get loot. This is the place to go if you need Black Stone Powder at level 40! Before you head out to start your BDO horse-taming adventure and claim your first wild horse, there are a few things that you need to get started. For more info on this, visit the NA Mirumok and Gyfin Discord. The ruins are located on the west side of Valencia and is not in the desert area. Leveling Guide 1 – 62 (Grinding) Updated September 2020. Marni Stones are seperated as well for the different monsters and you must get a day/night marni stone depending on when you grind here. Have 2 storage boxes and stop moving them around, would speed up the entire thing a lot. Titles give some nice buffs to experience if you have enough of them. BDO’s online training comprises a high level overview of individual IFRSs, together with a range of accessible ‘bite sized’ modules that cover separate issues in more detail. You must right click Book of Combat again, so that you see a 24 hour Combat Exp buff in your buff list. There are requirements to take part in the Party-finder for NA Mirumok and Gyfin groups. However, if it is your first character I highly recommend taking your time to learn the game and following the questline because level 1 – 50 (perhaps even 56) is considered a tutorial to the game. 0.1%. Drop & Exchange Scrolls: Drop & Exchange scrolls 5-10% can be found by looting random objects around the world. The grind spot has a large density of mobs but they are difficult and you will need to watch your health bar if your DP isn’t very high. The last quest will cost 40 energy. Though the chance to obtain Junk items has decreased, their value for selling at the shop has increased. Bloody Monastery (Level 24-30) The courtyard within the spot has a huge number of adversaries that can be eliminated by the boatload. Once you have bought a Book of Training Manual, you must right-click it in your inventory to activate the buff. Hi, did you do this on KR, or on EU/US during the beta? You can stay here all the way up to level 15 before moving straight onto Glish Swamp. $18 for a +100% EXP boost might be a bit pricey for you though. Watch out for the priests. You buy them from Jamey Drucker, who is located in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova, and Valencia City. I’m excited about the addition of Life Mastery into BDO. There are plenty of mobs all around the area. I got some Elisha rings over at the forest of seclusion and it dropped an Elisha belt once as well. If you are low level and have low gearscore then the mobs do hit quite hard and spawn in large packs so be careful whilst farming here. Another note, I do have a firm belief that most people that manage to do 1-5 in 8 hours also have money to buy whatever gear they made, But also on that note I managed it myself without a huge cache of money in just like 10 hours sooo its hard to say exactly but some classes will certainly be slower then others. So many mobs to hunt, and oh so few hours to the day! This grind spot is the same sort of difficulty as Basilisk Den. Outside the castle and inside the castle you will find many camps filled with a mix of ranged and melee monsters as well. The mobs will sometimes drop green grade main hand weapons and armor. Get step by step instructions in our Chenga Tome Guide. Disband from your party. I’m not sure how accurate this is since some players claim much less %. The monsters spawn in packs of 3 and take quite a long time to kill as they are very strong. There is also a Violent (Elite) mob in the back of the camp, be careful because he hits quite hard. Easily 10% or more per horse around Skilled. Be careful of the Mages because they are ranged and hurt more. Purchase Pearls with real $$$ or obtain via Loyalties (you earn 100 Loyalties per day for logging in). Khuruto Cave is a wonderful hunting zone. Thanks to Jannanomana’s [Data Collecting] AFK Training results forum post for the data on exp per hour with AFK Combat Training. Are you in party of 5 member’s ? The amount of mobs in the area was really small and they don’t spawn in packs. Some abilities can get a buff which gives you 2% experience for 5 seconds after usage. The chance to obtain Black Stone (Armor) and Black Stone (Weapon) has increased when defeating monsters at Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon. The mobs trash drops can be exchanged for quite a lot so make sure you are picking up. You can purchase them with Pearls or with Loyalties. Players report it takes 2 to 3 hours to level a friend to 56. Unfortunately, this has a too long cool-down. The grind spot has an average density of mobs. The mob groups here are dense and you can have a change of scenery by descending into the cave network. Serap’s Necklace also drops here. Leveling Guide 59 – 60 (Questing – Fastest) New. Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Kagtunak, Combined Magic Crystal- Gervish, Kagtunak, Combined Magic Crystal- Hoom, Kagtum Submission Ring, Akum Armor, Akum Shoes, Akum Gloves, Akum Helmet, Eye of the Ruins Ring, Caphras Stones, Ancient Spirit Dust. I miss one grindspot here; the watchtower, where those shadow knights dwell. Black Stone and Forbidden Books drop here rarely. You can find the cave entrance just west of Florin Town or over the hill in Breewood Forest. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us directly via email at [email protected] or using the contact form on our About Us page. There were quite a few people who got to 50 in ~8 hours but they knew exactly what they were doing so don’t feel too bad . With 5 Tier 1 pets, you could possibly obtain a total of 25%. Feeling broke in both Loyalties and Pearls? Unless you desperately need silver, I would recommend saving them and turning them into scrolls (put 5 into a + shape in your inventory). Filled stones are orange, with a green check mark. If you have decent gear, you should be able to one shot these and quickly go through the first levels. Even in a party you will be constanly watching your health bar. The max level for a horse is 30, and each level requires more xp than the last. Tier 1-8 can be considered regular horses, while Tier 9 are “Dream Horses”. There is a quest you must do as well to reach level 50, which you will get from your black spirit. There density of the goblins is really good and there is a big area where they spawn. LEVEL 1 – 12: GRASS BEETLES AND STEEL IMPS, LEVEL 51 – 54  (100AP/120DP): ELRIC SHRINE, LEVEL 53 – 55 (160AP/180DP): POLLY’S FOREST, LEVEL 54 – 56 (120AP/140DP): SAUSAN GARRISON, LEVEL 56 or higher (120AP/210DP): DESERT NAGA TEMPLE, LEVEL 56 or higher (120AP/210DP): TITIUM VALLEY, LEVEL 58 or higher (170AP/220DP): TSHIRA RUINS, LEVEL 58 or higher (210AP/260DP): PILA KU JAIL, LEVEL 60 or higher (240AP/260DP): MIRUMOK RUINS**, USE OUR LEVEL 58 – 59 (QUESTING) GUIDE FOR THE FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY TO REACH LEVEL 59, USE OUR LEVEL 59 – 60 (QUESTING) GUIDE FOR THE FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY TO REACH LEVEL 60, USE OUR LEVEL 60 – 61 (QUESTING) GUIDE FOR THE FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY TO REACH LEVEL 61, Level 15 – 18: Moretti Plantation (South-east of Heidel). Kaia Lake/Catfishman Camp is where you will hit level 50. Also, the “Combat EXP Gain +30%” effect of “Chenga – Sherekhan Tome of Wisdom” is also applied to the Combat Grade EXP reward.

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