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The most expensive suburb is Seatoun, which has a median house price of $1,486,100. Population centres. Over the last 17 years of all South Wairarapa suburbs (Mar 2003 – Mar 2020), Featherston had the fastest-growing house, at 8.92% per year. It is New Zealand's seventh most populous city, with a population of 107,600. Gross Yields of Wellington Suburbs, 04 Epuni can be rough in places (although significantly less so since the state houses were torn down). Lower Hutt 5040. That’s 7.21% slower than the median Wellington house price. Phone: 04 913 6400 or FREE 0508 858 858. That is 20.23% faster than the median Wellington house price. During that time, the median house price increased from $395,000 to $730,000 – it's peak – in April 2020. The blue boundary lines show the council owned cemeteries. D. Days Bay. Over the last 20 years (Jan 2000 – Mar 2020), Cannons Creek had the fastest-growing house prices in all of Wellington, at 9.43% per year. You can see this by hovering over the data in the Wellington Median House Price graph below. Do you have any Lower Hutt specialty suburbs? 2017 high resolution ortho-rectified urban and rural aerial imagery. Locals comment on sharp increases in Martinborough and Masterton Top things to see and do in Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, how to #lovelocal and where to eat, drink, stay and get business advice and support. Wellington House Prices Comparison, 05 The small library room could be used as a single bedroom. If you found this article useful, then you might also like our analyses on the other property markets in New Zealand. That is 37.39% faster than the median Wellington house price. There are five roads into and out of Upper Hutt. Masterton is made up of 6 suburbs. Double click on the map below to zoom in and explore different suburbs. But, over the long term, you would expect that Wellington house prices would trackback to that long term average. If you're looking to purchase a home in the Lower Hutt Suburbs, it makes sense to talk to a person who knows the area. While the most affordable suburb is Featherston, which has a median house price of $421,000. Wellington House Price Growth by Suburb, 03 Based on those, the average owner of a Wellington property saw their wealth increase by $335,000. The most expensive suburb is Castle Point, which has a median house price of $571,700. That is 10.16% faster than the median Wellington house price. Lower Hutt City got 11 wins, 3 draws and 13 losses in the past 27 games. Avalon. Housing NZ is breaching the Bill of Rights by trying to evict tenants with gang connections from units in Lower Hutt suburb Pomare, a lawyer says. Original in the mail & a pdf version via email. Over the last 20 years of all Christchurch City suburbs (Jan 2000 – Mar 2020), Newlands had the fastest-growing house, at 6.92% per year. About. That is 37.4% faster than the median Wellington house price. The area is home to five regional parks, dozens of tracks and trails, and the mighty Hutt River, making it a perfect destination for fishing, tramping, and mountain biking. Sort by. Are Wellington Houses Overpriced Right Now? York Bay The property, valuation and rates map also includes contours, water services and commonly required hazard zones.. Aerial photography. The suburb that grew the slowest over that period was Whitby, which grew at a rate of 5.44% per year. The most expensive suburb is Waikanae Beach, which has a median house price of $738,150. Find the latest odds preview for Western Suburbs - Lower Hutt City match with SmartBets.

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