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Well, our mini Schnauzer is about 13 lbs and she’s typically not able to get to the rabbit’s nest through the openings of the cinderblock. And they breed very fast; females can give birth to about four to seven baby rabbits at a time – and repeat it every month, especially during the spring season when there’s plenty of food and greenery present. If your rabbit lives outside, predators should be your main concern, along with providing protection from the weather. Cats are intelligent and, if determined enough, will exploit any loophole that they can find. However, rabbits can also die of shock. If you’ve seen her 2 days in a row she may have already nested. Depending on where you live, the specific predators in your area may vary. As I was clearing away some mulch I first saw some fur balled up. Repurposing Coffee Canisters – Removing The Print, Preserving The Harvest: Dehydrating Bell Peppers. Then I’ll lock them all out of the garden again. It’s the most glorious time of year for gardeners and cooks.Your summer vegetable garden is in full bloom along […] We never even thought it might be looking for a place to nest and have babies! Along with safety training, one can also use sprinklers and mesh coverings to keep their bunnies … Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork and sifted through countless repellents to present you with the best products available. As hawks hunt from above, unpleasant scents don’t deter them. However, some dogs will dig underneath fences. I checked all around the garden and was pleased to see they were all gone. Rabbits don’t like walking on wire as it’s uncomfortable. How Do Rabbits Protect Themselves from Predators? If your rabbit lives outside, they’re easy targets for all sorts of wild animals. Barking and aggression could be fatal on its own, without the dog having to touch your rabbit. Sadly, rabbits are the natural prey of most of them. It can deter birds from eating young seedlings. Q: We found a nest of baby rabbits in our front yard and see what we believe to be the mother from time to time. It will also need a floor, to prevent predators from digging underneath. I just used a standard cinderblock, about 8x8x16 with the two holes in it. Even if you’re out in the yard with your rabbit, this may not deter them. You should never let your dog around your rabbit if they are untrained. 6.5 feet should be high enough to keep out most dogs. Now that we have the basic requirements out of the way (2+ healthy rabbits with adequate winter fur), here are a few tips for outdoor living in the winter months:. They come around as a group of families rather than individual birds for self feeding. For larger trees, this can be accomplished by creating a small fence around the trunk with galvanized wire mesh, leaving around 3-inches of space between the mesh and the trunk. While rabbits are cute to look at, especially as babies, they can really damage both your vegetable and flower gardens. Protecting your crops from those pesky birds can be hard work. ~TxH~, Please help! This is where the expression “like a rabbit in the headlights” originates. The goal of today’s article is to teach you how to protect plants from rabbits! ~TMH~. Use motion-activated lights and sprinklers to scare predators away. So, never let your rabbit out in the open or in an uncovered run. If your rabbit can’t live indoors, you’ll have to ensure that your rabbit’s hutch is sturdy enough. Furthermore, rabbits can fit into the tiniest gaps in fencing and bushes. Birds, including robins, bluebirds and starlings, pose the greatest danger to a ripening blueberry crop in the home garden. While rabbits are herbivores, not all animals can survive on grass. Protect your garden. It also deters rabbits and other pests. Give your rabbit at least one secluded area with solid wood walls so that they can hide. Keep them on a leash and away from your rabbit’s area. It’s possible that scarecrows may work to deter some birds of prey from coming near your rabbits. Just make sure to rabbit-proof your house before bunny moves in. The range of action is up to 30 m. The main active ingredient is permethrin, which causes paralysis of muscles in insects, leading to death. Although it’s rare, it is possible for rabbits to become so frightened that they have a cardiac arrest. Just make sure you don’t make it too small for mama too! They usually hunt at night and have excellent night-vision. Baby rabbits have almost no natural odor to best protect them from predators. This is called tonic immobility. WHEW! For this reason, you should try to make your yard as unattractive as possible for predators. Thanks in advance! However, some birds of prey aren’t put off by humans. The are so adorable, but can be so destructive to our plants. ~TMH~, Your email address will not be published. You may be wondering whether rabbits can defend themselves at all. Some domesticated animals also hunt rabbits. They will then stay perfectly still, and hope the predator doesn’t spot them. Still, if you are trying to protect a particular area of your garden from crows, the motion-activated pest deterrent works very well. Since the netting was only put on at harvest, the plants are accessible to deer or rabbits the rest of the year. Using Vintage Kitchenware: Grandma’s CorningWare. If using wire mesh, cover it with tile or bury it in the earth. Burying chicken wire at the base of the fence can solve this. LOL But I’ve not had any noticeable damage from rabbits in our yard. But sunflowers can, like other plants, fall victim to squirrels, especially when they begin to seed. I told my husband I am removing the straw today. But thankfully the babies grow super fast. However, they’re no match for a cat, fox, coyote, or any other predator. Rabbits can survive in the cold reasonably well, but they die quickly in the heat. However, wild rabbits don’t always die from predator attacks. How to Protect Rabbits from Hawks As long as your rabbit’s hutch is fox-proof, it should also be safe from birds of prey, such as hawks. But cats seem to be more nimble and able to squeeze into smaller spaces. This is only the second time we’ve ever tried to grow strawberries, but we’re already about 1000% more successful thanks to this trick we used to protect … This method has had to be incorporated several times over the years, but always successfully. May 23, 2020 | No Comments. Fences help to keep foxes from eating rabbits. They are natural predators, and to most dogs, a rabbit will look like a tasty snack. They are intelligent, and not easily fooled by tricks. And mama rabbit only comes to the nest to tend to them once in the early morning and once late evening to keep the trail to her nest as secret as possible. And dead animals attract other pests, who can also become trapped inside. They can easily escape the yard if you don’t have your eye on them. It’s best not to disturb the nest if possible. Can Rabbits Defend Themselves Against Cats? Rabbits can be litter box trained, so there’s no reason not to. Recipe: Honeysuckle Jelly – Childhood Memories In A Jar, Planned Leftovers: Carnitas Tacos from Pork Roast, How To Make An Easy Laundry Scent Booster. Build a predator-proof rabbit cage as detailed above. HOW TO PROTECT YOUR GARDEN FROM RABBITS SQUIRRELS BIRDS DEER – Gardening For Beginners 2020 #withme. A wild cat has discovered a rabbit nest in my yard and I’ve basically done what you’ve done here to protect the surviving babies. The birds love blueberries, and got smart as time went on. Take the opportunity to teach your kids about nature. It is possible to train most dogs to leave rabbits alone. We are building a “catio” for this cat, but wondering how to cat-proof the nest in the mean time. (Overweight Rabbits). Dogs are related to wolves and coyotes. You can use wooden boards or wire mesh for the floor of the run. Foxes and coyotes are other predators that exist almost anywhere in the United States. Two days ago I looked out my window and saw a bunny looking in the window at me. Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Blog Hop. A hungry predator looking to hunt your rabbits … Rabbits, lizards, and squirrels, for example, have been found both dead and alive. We’ll discuss how to do this further on. Can Wild and Domestic Rabbits Live Together? My husband was weeding our garden, which over the winter and early spring had sprouted two foot tall weeds. If you’re looking for how to keep rabbits out of the garden, I have some tried and true ways to keep your garden safe from rabbits. Rabbits are prey animals, and cats are predators. Although crows can be beneficial to gardens because they eat insects and grubs, sometimes they will help themselves to your crops as well. The most effective way to ensure your rabbit’s safety is to house them indoors. The bottom is solid plastic. They’re quite good at avoiding being caught. LOL Shelley. Some dogs don’t like the smell of vinegar. I simply turned it upside down over the nest. How to protect rabbits from predators? Whichever decoy you use, move it to a different place in your yard every few days. (thumps forehead) It doesn’t help if I leave it open! And mama rabbit only comes to the nest to tend to them once in the early morning and once late evening to keep the trail to her nest as secret as possible. Hummm… I think I can use this. We show you how to protect your raised beds from seedling eating birds, squirrels, bunnies and other marauding varmints. The crows are not killing rabbits to be mean, or for sport, they are getting food. The same kinds of predators that pose a threat to domestic rabbits also hunt wild rabbits. Replies to my comments Consider the following 7 tips to protect your garden from bunnies, birds, squirrels, and deer from University of Washington wildlife expert, John Marzluff, author of the new book, Welcome to Subirdia. It’s just her instincts, but my tender heart just can’t take that. The Lazy Cook’s Wild Plum Jelly Recipe – No Pectin Needed! Rabbits may use their teeth and claws in self-defense as a last resort. It scared all the birds and the crows, and it was a long time before the little birds learned to trust again. Keeping your rabbit indoors is the best solution. As long as they’ve got food, water, toys and enough space to play, they’ll be happy. My garden row covers are inexpensive, are expandable, and fit in a traditional sized raised bed. The openings of the concrete block are too small for Bailey, but large enough for mama rabbit to come & go to raise up her babies. A hawk could swoop down and snatch up your rabbit right in front of your eyes. Few birds or critters can turn down the opportunity to feast on ripe red strawberries. Rabbits do have limited defensive strategies, but they can’t fight predators off. If your dog approaches the toy, tell them to leave it and heel. I’m glad to hear they made it out just fine. Good luck and bless you for protecting the babies! That way, if a hawk does notice your rabbit, they won’t be able to reach it. The poor cat is tortured being kept indoors. For others, a protected playing and running area will keep rabbits safe from birds and dogs. Tired of birds and other pests devouring your strawberries before you get to pick them? When you’re not around, their hunting instinct may be too difficult to overcome. Unlike foxes, hawks and other birds of prey are not always afraid of humans. Thankfully it doesn’t take long. I caught it early enough to secure the garden and force her to look for another spot. They are also exceptionally fast. If I leave her unattended for a minute she will go right to the nest! In other words, you are most likely going to deal with more than just a single black bird. Living in a hutch or exercise pen, there’s nowhere for them to run when a predator appears. It helps them to hide from predators that are close by. But I need to protect them from our mini-Schnauzer Bailey in the meantime. If you can’t keep your rabbit inside, a large garden shed is the next best thing. An article in BBC News reported that five rabbits died when firecrackers were let off near their home. After all, if they couldn’t, how would they ever survive in the wild? I’m glad they made out ok and also seem to have left your garden alone. I love seeing baby bunnies but my deck is not a good place for me or them lol! You can also subscribe without commenting. The most common variety is the cottontail. Good on you for protecting the bunnies and helping them thrive! Rabbits usually prefer that house to be on the floor and have at least 2 exits and they might not take advantage of the house if that’s not the case. Furthermore, domesticated rabbits often freeze when confronted by a predator. Domestic rabbits are descended from European wild rabbits. However, there are other aspects that you have to consider when protecting your rabbit from aerial predators. It’s my fault, that’s what I get for leaving the gate open! To protect your rabbit, you should make your own predator-proof hutch. Keep your yard tidy and the grass cut short. It’s never a good idea to let your rabbit out to explore the yard, with no shelter. In a golden moment of opportunity, a mama rabbit got into the garden, made a nest and had babies. By their nature, cats are hard-wired to hunt anything small and furry (or feathered). It’s got an opening on one side and plastic grid on the other three sides. ~TxH~, Exactly how did you place the plastic tub I have a nest in my back yard and my dog already took one out but didn’t kill it cause I was standing there when she did it . Keep your rabbit in a cage until your dog is used to them. I knew I needed to cover the nest with something. The most effective way to protect these and other small trees and shrubs from rabbits is to erect a physical barrier around each plant individually. Praise your dog for responding to your commands. Approximately how big is the cinder block you used? To protect mosquitoes from rabbits, which are contained in cages on the street, you can use special smoke bombs. Our current indoor/outdoor cat was raised with him as her big brother. It won’t be long until they’re old enough to be on their own. How to Protect Blueberry Plants From Animals. I was worried our pup would reach a paw through the cinderblocks and paw out the babies. Baby rabbits have almost no natural odor to best protect them from predators. Once your dog can leave something alone on command, and return to your side, you’re ready to begin. Photo courtesy of John ‘K’ via Flickr. Birds like to feed on strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and whatever other edible fruits you might be growing. Remember that rabbits can die of fright. (Netting with 1/4″ mesh helps, but may not completely eliminate the problem.) Natural Home Remedies to Keep Rabbits Out of Garden (Organic) 9. Foxes can jump and climb, and they can also dig underneath fences. Both animals will dig under a fence to gain access to an easy meal. Practice with a realistic stuffed rabbit initially. Place it in the room, and encourage your dog to leave the toy alone by redirecting their attention. I’ve loved rabbits for as long as I can remember, so it felt natural to share my passion for lagomorphs with a much wider audience. ~TMH~. When a predator is nearby, they will flee and seek any natural shelter that they can find. The concrete block went back to RancherMan’s shed and I cleaned up the garden area. So both times I used this upside-down-plastic bin and within a 2-3 weeks they were grown & gone. You can also try using a lifelike owl statue, as hawks are afraid of owls. A few days later I looked and saw no rabbits. In addition to protecting pets from hawks, owls, and other raptors, taking steps to keep a pet safe will help them avoid other hazards.Birds of prey are not the only hunters that will target pets, and protected pets are much safer from coyotes, foxes, bears, and other predators. Cheap and easy way to keep the pest out of your garden. Unfortunately, the kinds of cages and hutches that pet stores sell are usually unsuitable. They mostly use their teeth and claws for chewing and digging. As the light hits the hawk’s eyes, it will confuse and distract them, deterring them from landing. Rabbits don’t have much innate knowledge of which plants are bad for them. Cottontails don’t burrow in the ground, like European rabbits do. You will need to use: The size of the hutch should be at least 6ft x 2ft x 2ft. I took it outside and turned it upside down and placed it over the rabbit’s nest.

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